Some/most of the switches on the wall work most/some of the time. It’s the one bit we would use a different system for next time.

Note that the downstairs loo and utility room are automatic when it gets dark. They stay on for a few minutes so need to switch off when you leave the rooms.

The front and side doors also have automatic lights on PIRs.

What works all of the time (even remotely) is the app that controls all the lights, called Lightwave RF.

It is installed on the white Huawei tablet on the hall table. These screenshots show how to access it.

Switch all devices off downstairs and upstairs when you leave. The button bottom left of this small remote does the same job for both up and downstairs.

We put our bed side lights on first and then switch everythig off in one go.


Wifi Internet Access

We have 30MB+ speed access via EE Mobile but are limited to 20GB a month so please don’t do large downloads, play interactive games or watch loads of video. If for some reason you do want more bandwidth, it costs £12.50 for another 10GB. Call me and we’ll work it out. I should get a text when it gets low

The network GL-MT300N-V2-cb3 is the one to go for, not AndroidAP, and the password is access4all


The Smart TV is connected to the Internet so can be used to consume lots of bandwidth (don’t).

The Humax is what feeds the TV (HDMI 1) – make sure the blue light is on and it’s worth switching this on first. It has loads of hard disc storage so please use it to record stuff but again avoid using catch up TV.

There are additional HDMI and USB inputs if you want to use your own devices to stream and download.

The HUMAX box is on the bottom shelf under TV. It is a not-quite-so-good Sky Box! Press both power buttons on Humax remote; it is slow to respond, so don’t expect immediate picture. Blue light, not very visible on Humax box means it is on.

Switch off all plugs on the left behind TV on the wall on leaving the lodge at end of stay.

Security Camera

There’s a camera we use to keep an eye on the place. While you are here, it will be pointing at the front door only. We won’t spy on you. Cover it up if you are worried but remove the cover when you leave.


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